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PS8 Shows Appreciation to the JCPD

Kindergarten students of the Trefurt School created a heart of Blue Ribbons to thank our Jersey City Police Department. Ms Guzman's Kindergarten class delivered the heart to the North District on December 20th, 2019. The members of the JCPD are in our hearts and thoughts this holiday season.
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Pre-K at PS8 Participates in Gingerbread Person Exchange

Pre-K teacher Andrea Giordano writes:  This is a picture from our 2019 Gingerbread Exchange. I joined the Facebook group: "Preschool Mail Exchange". To participate in this group, each teacher that signed up had to send a gingerbread person to each person on the mailing list. We also had to send a letter to explain about our classroom and to talk about our state. The children were very excited to receive "real" mail from across the country. We have received mail from Tennessee, Ohio, Utah, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, as well as many other states including our home state of New Jersey. Through this project, my students learned how to locate the states on the map as well as learning how each location was similar or different from ours. We all had a wonderful experience and hope to participate in this activity next year.
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